September 10, 2015


The basic characteristics of the Dome House

The material of construction of the CasasDome®  is an organic polyurethane Expander Healty special formula, which is a fifth generation building material, after wood, iron and concrete. The polyurethane (PUR and PU) is a polymer consisting of a chain of organic units joined by a bond of carbonate (urethane). The method is developing the construction safe antioxidant health. Compressing the antioxidant solution of expanded polyurethane, with active oxygen in the construction of the CasasDome® , results in the prevention and recovery of his health, in particular to those who have problems with allergies and respiratory conditions (humidity, fungus, mold, mildew). Also because the CasasDome®  is a construction free of formaldehyde, you don’t have to worry about problems of diseases caused by the degradation of the House over the years.

Thermal Ultra-insulating properties that enable energy saving

Once the CasasDome®  uses expanded polyurethane foam as the building material, an excellent thermal insulation is obtained. In addition, because of its dome, the CasasDome®  allows the air to circulate without being accumulated in the corners. For these reasons, air conditioning costs can be substantially reduced. The CasasDome®  is an incredible source of energy saving.

Durability (semi permanent)

CasasDome®  not only is structurally more stable in its form, but also, unlike iron, she does not become rusty, nor, unlike wood, also doesn’t get rotten or eaten by termites. CasasDome®  offers a comfortable space semi permanent.

Weatherability of nature

The aerodynamics of the CasasDome®  helps to promote wind energy.

More resistant to shocks and Sismicos

CasasDome®  is not only stable in structure, but also extremely light in weight. It is because of this lightness that the CasasDome®  can resist earthquakes better.

Ultra short Assembly time

CasasDome®  is built by the Union of groups of domes. Each piece weighs only 80 kg. Your installation is quite simple, if held for 3 or 4 people, and takes on average about 7 days to assemble a CasasDome® .

CasasDome®  is simple, since it is a prefabricated building with a small number of parts. Each CasasDome®  piece is lightweight and easy to carry, making the set fairly easy. Since the construction of the dome model House requires only a minimum staff and a very short period of time, it is possible to reduce the substantial amount of manpower in the construction.

Expanded polystyrene is made only for carbon and hydrogen, the casting of expanded polystyrene is extremely clean. The construction of CasasDome®  does not produce waste, nor involve any deforestation.

Regardless of the structure of the CasasDome® , and not the change in your lifestyle, you can create and change the layout of the plant freely, including the mezzanine.

The light and energy of the CasasDome® 

CasasDome®  has no corners in the room, nor is there any corner in the room and also has no divisions between the walls and the ceiling. This open space, bright and full of light and warmth they bring indescribable comfort and free energy .