We are looking for business partners, investors franchise partners across Europe,USA,Africa,Russia completely new precast concrete dome house and traditional house factory and distribution.

Future Homes

CasasDomeĀ® is a fusion of design and efficiency. A new concept of home and way of life in which the House is integrated in the natural environment. CasasDomeĀ® is energy efficient housing to suit climatic needs of its inhabitants, taking advantage of natural resources and avoiding the consumption of conventional energy. The construction of CasasDomeĀ® is based on a design and construction system patented , consists of a modular system consisting of heat insulating material and concrete.It is designed to resist degradation and issues of nature. It is earthquake-resistant, wind resistant, highly durable and requires little maintenance. The lines of our design are unique. Your space, circular, intimate and balanced, has a positive impact on its occupants. It is suitable for any climate and use. It increases indoor environmental quality, creating a feeling of comfort and isolation abroad. Solid construction and durability in a dwelling at the minimum cost.